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  • Bluegum plantation companies in Western Australia (WA) start to share information about pests and diseases by holding regular meetings
  • From these informal meetings the blue gum industry pest management group (IPMG) arises

1999 - 2003

  • The IPMG agrees to jointly fund a full time researcher dedicated to bluegum pest management research
  • Dr Andrew Loch (through CSIRO Entomology) is appointed as research scientist


  • The IPMG becomes associated with the Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Production Forestry (CRC-SPF).

2003 - 2005

  • A new research scientist, Dr Mamoru Matsuki, is employed through University of Tasmania


  • The CRC-SPF ceases operating and the IPMG becomes associated with the CRC for Forestry. Initially a sub-project within the CRC it becomes a full project; project 4.4 under the umbrella of the Trees in the Landscape research program
  • Dr Mamoru Matsuki, is employed through Murdoch University
  • IPMG research is expanded to include pests and diseases in the Green Triangle area


  • IPMG restructured, new emphasis placed on research implementation and extension
  • Francisco Tovar is appointed as IPMG research scientist through Murdoch University

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